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KCA width the Consumer Will Create a Happy World. We ard witnessing rapid changes in the consumer enviroment thanks in part to globalization of the marketplace. and technological developmet which has enabled the CONSUMER market to expand from offline to online.
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Mission, Core Values & Vision

Mission, Core Values and Vision. Refer to the following details


To contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives by adding value and trust in consumer activities

  • By adding ~ in consumer activities
    • (Promoting consumer rights and interests) Improving work process on a continual basis and promoting the spread of performance
    • Working out effective solutions to traditional consumer issues and proactively responding to the emerging consumer issues
  • Value and Trust
    • (Raising the quality of consumption lifestyle) Leading the creation of new cultural, social and economic values beyond the realm of personal values in consumption life
    • Creating a consumption environment where consumers and businesses can trust each other in transaction order, safety, etc.
  • Contributing to the improving the quality of people’s lives
    • (Developing the national economy) Directly contributing to improving the quality of each individual’s life through better consumption life, and subsequently developing the national economy

A people’s organization dedicated to ushering in the era of consumer sovereignty

  • The era of consumer sovereignty
    • Helping consumers cope actively with the rapid changes taking place in the social and economic environment, and thereby lead market changes
    • More actively promoting a responsible consumption life & culture and collective & structural improvements as well as helping consumers develop their ability to deal with issues independently
    • Realizing the mission of the era of populous sovereignty by performing various roles and functions
  • Ushering in
    • Emphasizing its leading role in improving consumption life with economic actors – government, businesses, consumers, etc.
    • Representing its strong willingness to take actions for future responsibilities
  • An institute for all people
    • Emphasizing its difference from others as a specialized public organization that ensures consumer protection
    • Representing its management philosophy that it will always remain on the consumers’ side as a reliable partner based on people’s expectations and trust

Challenge, Professionalism, Communication, Cooperation

  • Challenge
    • Challenging attitude to improve the quality of service
  • Professionalism
    • Retaining professional expertise in carrying out professional tasks and decision making
  • Communication
    • Organizational culture of empathy and responsibility based on trust
  • Cooperation
    • Cooperative attitude based on mutual respect