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More cautions are required for consumers' taking asbestos-contaminated drugs 2009-04-13

The Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) on April 9 recalled 1,122 medicine products from 120 drug manufacturers that have been contaminated with asbestos. The regulatory measures are as follows: 


Ban on sale and distribution and recall order of the medicine products that were manufactured before the date of standard enforcement of requiring detection of asbestos at 0% (April 3, 2009)

      -  Yet, sale of medicines that have a problem difficult to find alternative drugs will be permitted for 30 days.



The Korea Consumer Agency (President Myung-hee Park, www.kca.go.kr) asks consumers to be more cautious when taking medicines or keeping them at home. Consumers who are taking the concerned medicines or keeping them at home are asked to act positively in concert with the Government’s recall measure. 

Consumers who need more information on side-effect, exchange, or return of the medicine that are suspected of asbestos-containing talc are advised to call to the KFDA or visit the website as below.

Main number for the KFDA: 1577-1255

For information on asbestos-contaminated drugs, visit the KFDA web site of http://www.foodnara.go.kr/kfda/asbestos/main/main.html


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