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The KCA runs an international campaign to prevent consumer damage caused by fraudulent transactions 2019-05-14


The KCA runs an international campaign to prevent consumer damage caused by fraudulent transactions


       The Korea Consumer Agency (KCA; President Lee, Hee-sook) will run its “Fraud Prevention Month campaign” for three weeks from April 8 in order to prevent consumers from suffering damage that frequently occurs through online transactions.


    The Fraud Prevention Month is an international public awareness campaign which has been organized by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN)* every year since 2005 in order to prevent consumer damage arising from fraudulent transactions and share ways to respond to such damage, and about 20 ICPEN member countries have participated in the campaign.

    * ICPEN(International Consumer Protection & Enforcement Network): is a network of consumer protection government authorities from across the globe which was formed in 1992, and its membership now consists of about 68 government authorities, including the KCA and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.


    The KCA plans to provide damage prevention information regarding air services, clothes and footwear which frequently cause damage from online transactions through its official SNS channel during the three-week campaign period.


    In addition, in order to attract more interest from consumers about the campaign, the KCA plans to hold events including fill-in-the-blank quizzes and post sharing on SNS (Facebook and Instagram) from April 8 to 26, and offer free gifts to event participants through a lucky draw.


    More details about the campaign can be found at www.kca.go.kr and www.facebook.com/kcanews.

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