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KCA provides 'Child Accident Prevention Guide' 2018-08-08
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KCA provides 'Child Accident Prevention Guide'


- safety information including types of child accidents and prevention methods -


    While children are curious about things and environments around them, they can be put in dangerous situations in everyday life with their immature cognitive ability and physical skills. Therefore, parents and families need to pay attention to the types of safety accidents that might occur frequently to their children.


    For this reason, the Korea Consumer Agency (Director Lee Hee-sook) has developed a safety guide based on the analysis results of child(under the age of 14) accidents registered through Consumer Injury Surveillance System(CISS) *.

* System analyzing injury data collected from 80 agencies including 62 hospitals, 18 fire stations nationwide and 1372 Consumer Counseling Center


    The guide explains how to understand various types of accidents such as bed and porch falls, furniture falls, drowning, poison, burns, etc.


child accident prevention 

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