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KCA width the Consumer Will Create a Happy World. We ard witnessing rapid changes in the consumer enviroment thanks in part to globalization of the marketplace. and technological developmet which has enabled the CONSUMER market to expand from offline to online.

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Professor Hee-Sook Lee, appointed to the post of KCA President 2018-06-12

Professor Hee-Sook Lee, appointed to the post of KCA President

- An expert equipped with expertise and experiences expected to contribute to improving consumer rights and interests -


    Ms. Hee-Sook Lee, a professor at Department of Consumer Studies, Chungbuk National University was appointed to the post of the 15th President of the Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) on June 7th. The new president, Ms. Lee, is an expert equipped with professional expertise and rich work experiences regarding the promotion of consumer rights and interests, and is expected to lead the realization of consumer sovereignty by performing various consumer-related roles and functions.


    President Lee is a graduate of the Department of Home Economics Education at Chungbuk National University, and holds master’s and doctoral degrees from Seoul National University and Oregon State University in U.S.A. She served as president of the Korean Society of Consumer Studies, president of the KFTC Advisory Committee to Review Labeling and Advertising, and member of the Financial Supervision Advisory Committee. She currently serves as a council member of the National Economic Advisory Council, the president of the Office of Student Affairs and the Center for Human Rights at Chungbuk National University, a member of board of directors of the Korean Society of Consumer Culture, and an advisory member of the Korean Academic Society of Financial Planning.

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