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Consumers need to check certification when purchasing portable fans run by a lithium battery 2017-05-31

 Consumers need to check certification

when purchasing portable fans run by a lithium battery

- Consumers should choose portable fans with KC mark, electromagnetic wave number and safety certification number -

Consumers need to pay attention to portable fans among secondary chargeable lithium batteries.    Some batteries on the current market failed safety tests. So consumers need to pay attention to that.

The Korea Consumer Agency(President Han Kyeon-pyo) has tested 7 portable fans run by a lithium battery and found out that five of them were end cells** without a safety certification number*.              In particular, uncertified lithium batteries without protect circuit are likely to cause overheating and explosion from overcharging and discharging.

*     A lithium battery over 400Wh/L energy density was subject to safety check report in 2016, but all lithium batteries made in 2017 are required to reported for safety check regardless of energy density in accordance with "Electrical Appliance and Basic Supply Safety Control Act".

**   "End cells" don't have protect circuit unlike lithium batteries with PCM(Protect Circuit Module).

The Korea Consumer Agency encouraged consumers to report to Consumer Injury Surveillance System(www.ciss.go.kr, 080-900-3500) when portable fans with lithium batteries don't have KC mark, electromagnetic wave safety number and their safety certification number. Consumers should not use high-speed charging with higher voltage when charging batteries. Also they need to check if there is a safety certification number on a lithium battery that is inserted into portable products such as flashlights, extra batteries and cell phones.

The Korea Consumer Agency has been suspending or collecting illegal or defective online products through regular consultative bodies with online marketing brokers. In addition, it has now been conducting overall checks on portable fans sold on-site such as large distribution markets and stationery stores near elementary schools, etc.

*     five companies including the KCA, Naver(Shopping), SK planet(11st), eBayKorea(Auction, Gmarket), Interpark(Shopping), Forward Venture(Coupang) for obtaining safety for online distribution products.




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