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Customers Need Attention for Clothes and Shoes from Online Shopping Malls(SNS) 2017-04-25

Customers Need Attention for Clothes and Shoes from Online Shopping Malls(SNS)

- Refusal of withdrawal of contract for prior notice and overseas delivery -


As more and more shopping malls sell clothes and shoes through SNS(Social Network Services), customer damage is on the increase.


The Korea Consumer Agency(President Han, Kyeon-pyo) said it has received 213 cases of refusal or delay of withdrawal of contract in accordance with “the act on the consumer protection in the electronic commerce transactions” from last year to March 2017 after the purchase of clothes and shoes by customers through online shopping malls.



98 cases(46.0%) by Naver Blog has been reported followed by 89 cases(41.8%) by KakaoStory and 26 cases(12.2%) by Naver Band.


[The number of redress cases(from January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017) ]



Customers call for withdrawal of contract due to poor quality, different advertising contents and size mismatch


The reasons for withdrawal of contract are 61 cases(28.6%) of poor quality, 43 cases(20.2%) of delivery of different products(material or design), 41 cases(19.3%) of size mismatch and 35 cases(16.4%) of wrong delivery.


Businesses withdraw contract for prior notice(no exchange and refund) or overseas delivery of products


Meanwhile, the reason for withdrawal of contract by shopping mall businesses are 55 cases(25.8%) of prior notice(no exchange and refund), 20 cases(9.4%) of overseas delivery of products, 11 cases(5.2%) of used products, 9 cases(4.2%) of no admission of quality defect or excessive return fee and 5 cases(2.4%) of customized products.


In addition, businesses put off withdrawal of contract by not contacting customers or delaying a refund. 80 cases(37.5%) have been reported so far.


[Refusal and delay of contract withdrawal(from January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017) ]






Refusal of process

Prior notice(no exchange or refund)



Overseas delivery of products



Used products



No admission of quality defect



Excessive amount of return fee(delivery fee or deposit)



Customized products



Delay of process

No contact



Delay of refund




No specific reasons







The KCA has held a discussion with SNS businesses with the analysis result as the government 3.0 to come up with measures to prevent consumer damage. 3 businesses voluntarily corrected shopping mall runners who refuse or restrict the withdrawal of contract and the KCA agreed to collaborate for the prevention of customer damage by notifying related agencies of violation by businesses.


* Naver Blog, KakaoStory, Naver Band


Also, for the prevention of customer damage, you are asked to check on the Korea Fair Trade Commission homepage for the license of online marketing you are asked to call for withdrawal of contract within 7 days from the delivery date in case customers want a return due to the change of mind(within 3 months the from delivery date in case of different contract of products, within 30 days from the day you notice) you are asked not to work with shopping malls that have unfair regulations of withdrawal of contract you are asked to pay in credit card in case you cannot contact with sellers. If you pay in cash you should use shopping malls with escrow or compensation insurance.



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