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KCA width the Consumer Will Create a Happy World. We ard witnessing rapid changes in the consumer enviroment thanks in part to globalization of the marketplace. and technological developmet which has enabled the CONSUMER market to expand from offline to online.

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KCA Running an International Campaign for Fraud Prevention Month 2017-04-05

KCA Running an International Campaign for Fraud Prevention Month



    The Korea Consumer Agency is conducting an international campaign for Fraud Prevention Month throughout April to prevent consumer damage from online fraud.


    The campaign is held on an annual basis with the aim of preventing consumer damage and to come up with measures for online fraud by ICPEN member countries. 20 countries including Korea, Australia and Canada have jointed the campaign so far.


    * ICPEN(International Consumer Protection & Enforcement Network): an international organization to prevent damage from consumer transaction among OECD countries.


    The title of the campaign is “Internet Scam”. Types of Internet scam including Phishing and Pharming as well as their precautions will be provided through the KCA’s official facebook every week.


    * Phishing: Phishing is the combination of private data and fishing.

    ** Pharming: Pharming is a scamming practice where malicious code is installed on an official website, misdirecting users to fraudulent websites.


    In order to increase the public awareness of internet scam, there will be an event from April 3rd to the 28th. Some among the event participants will be selected for free gifts.


    For more information, you can check on the KCA’s homepage(www.kca.go.kr) or the official facebok(www.facebook.com/kcanews).

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