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Online 'Same-day Delivery', 8 out of 10 Consumers Not Receiving Goods on the Same Day 2017-03-17

Online 'Same-day Delivery', 8 out of 10 Consumers Not receiving Goods on the Same Day


- Among damage related to online shopping mall delivery service,

'delivery delay' accounts for the most -



    As competition among online shopping delivery service providers is getting fiercer, many of them promise ‘same-day delivery’ service, but most of consumers do not receive goods on the same day. As a result, damage related to ‘delivery delay’ is growing.


    □ Among damage related to online shopping mall delivery service, ‘delivery delay’ accounts for the most, with 46.1%.

    KCA, (President, Han Kyeon Pyo) had analyzed 3,062 redress cases related to ‘online shopping mall delivery service’, ‘delivery delay’ accounted for the most with 1,411 cases( 46.1%), followed by ‘fracture-goods·defect’ with 440cases (14.4%), ‘wrong delivery·non-delivery of some of the ordered items’, with 422 cases( 13.8%)


    □ Only 33 % of ordered items are delivered within shipment period, but the rate on’same –day delivery service’ is low.

    Among 100 goods ordered through 14 online shopping malls from 10th of November, 2016 to 3oth, 94 goods, except for non-delivered 6 times due to out of stock, were delivered. 31 items (33.0%) were delivered within shipment period, and 63 items (67.0%) were delivered later than the schedule.

Especially, 16 items (20.8%) among 77 ones for ‘same day delivery’ were delivered on time and 61 items( 79.2%) were delivered an average of 1.6days later and some of them were delivered 7 days later.


    □ Delivery notification should be strengthened before and after the service is made.

    As for the subject 94 items, KCA surveyed whether delivery notification was made before and after the service is made. Social commerce, conglomerate-led marts or some portal sites notified the delivery before and after the service, but open market, book shopping mall or online shopping mall do not provide such notification diligently.


    KCA, in order to prevent and redress consumer complaints due to delivery delay ▲ is expected to request service providers not to use ‘same-day delivery’term, except for the possible cases ▲ strengthen the notification of delivery process.



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