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The Results of Monitoring Recalled Foreign Products Domestically Distributed in 2Q, 2016 2016-09-29

The Results of Monitoring Recalled Foreign Products Domestically Distributed in 2Q, 2016

- Corrective actions including suspension of sale, recall, and refund taken upon 17 products -


    As a growing number of consumers use overseas purchase service, recalled foreign products with defects flows into and distributed in Korea. Therefore, consumers have to be more aware of the issue.


    Korea Consumer Agency (www.kca.go.kr) identified that 17 kinds of recalled goods abroad have already distributed in the country from April to June 2016, thereby ordering corrective actions upon these items. In particular, climbing equipment* turns out to have defects that could have caused fatal accidents.

* The equipment was a D-shaped ring for climbing recalled in the United States due to self-loosening. Korea office of the business took prompt corrective action as requested by the KCA, including recall and free-exchange to other products.


    Layette had the biggest portion in those products, accounting for 35% (6 items), followed by leisure supplies and food, making up 18% respectively (3 items each).


    The official importers and distributors of Black Diamond’s carabiner and Specialized Bicycle Components’ headlights and taillights, and Philips’ electric lamps provided free repair, exchange and refund services to consumers, even if they purchased those products abroad or through overseas purchase.


    Most of the foreign recalled goods do not have official importer or distributors in Korea, which makes it difficult to take action beyond suspension of sale by blocking online distribution. Philips Lighting Korea, however, took the same measures of recall and free exchange to Korean consumers as it did to the U.S. counterpart, in order to keep the consumers safe, although the product was not officially imported and distributed in Korea.


    The KCA will spare more of its efforts to prevent domestic consumer damage from recalled defective products. The agency also accentuate that consumers, who have already bought recalled items through overseas purchase or buying agents or who want to do so, have to check information about recalls from abroad via www.ciss.go.kr or www.smartconsumr.go.kr.


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