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Glue Gun Requires Careful Use against Risk of Burns 2014-02-11

- The temperature of the Glue Gun’s nozzle can reach 182℃, the liquid glue, 122℃ -



Glue Gun is a popular tool that is widely used to adhere various kinds of materials in fine art and craft classes in schools and at home. However, users of this adhesive instrument should exercise a great deal of care because the surface of the heated nozzle (outlet) or the liquid glue itself may cause burns to the hands or feet upon contact.


The KCA (www.kca.go.kr) recently reviewed 87 accidents involving Glue Gun that were reported to the CISS over the past three years, and announced that most of these accidents resulted in burns (86.2% or 75 cases).

An analysis of 41 accidents with identifiable levels of burns showed 87.8% or 36 cases were second-degree, indicating that the potential hazard of the Glue Gun is serious.


In a test, the surface temperature of the nozzles (outlets) and the liquid glue in Glue Gun products that are available on the market were observed to rise to 182℃, while the temperature of the liquid glue spray rose to 122℃, when heated.


In addition, it took 33 minutes and 135 seconds, respectively, for the heated nozzle and liquid glue to cool down to a no-burn risk temperature of 40℃, which suggests that leaving a Glue Gun lying about could expose nearby persons to the risk of burns.


A per age group analysis of 75 burn accidents revealed accidents involving infants under 6 years old and not directly related with the use of Glue Gun accounted for 40% (30) of the cases, thus alerting parents to the need to pay particular attention to the safety of their children.


The Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) has issued a safety warning aimed at raising consumer awareness of the risk of burns by a Glue Gun, including the need to wear safety equipment or to block the approach of infants when using a Glue Gun, and advised users to observe  the「Precautions for the Prevention of Glue Gun Safety Accidents」. It will also recommend to the government departments concerned to mark the risk of burns on the surface of Glue Gun products and include in the relevant safety standards anti-burn warnings against the nozzles and liquid glue of Glue Gun products.

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